Carl Mullan dancing at his wedding in Ballybeg House

Seriously addictive viewing

Every wedding film showcase we deliver includes our signature Short Story and a Creative Film

Rachel & Stephen
Sue + Emma

Our Creative Film

Our 'Creative Film' is a finely crafted, 15-minute cinematic journey that not only revisits, but also relives your special day. It's a story-driven narrative that weaves together the most poignant moments, showcasing the unique tapestry of your love story.

This film is more than just a retelling; it's an authentic re-experience. We avoid staged scenes where possible, instead focusing on the genuine emotions and spontaneous moments that reflect the unrivalled joy of a coming together with family and friends.

Intermittently featuring sound design from not only the wedding speeches and vows, but the whole day. The Creative Film brings to the forefront the heartfelt words and promises that are the heart of your celebration.

Masterfully edited in 4K with high-end colour grading and an engaging sound design, the Creative Film is not just a memento, but a time capsule of your day.

Maser and Dee's Creative film // Ballybeg House, Co. Wicklow, Ireland

Our Short Story

Our 'Short Story' is the epitome of joy, vibrancy, and love. This film is a condensed, high-energy, montage that encapsulates the best moments of your wedding day.

Set to a lively musical score, the Short Story is designed to create an unforgettable and shareable snapshot of your celebration.

With this film, our aim is to compress the essence of your wedding - the warmth of family, the joy of friends, and the exuberance of the party - into a quick, yet immersive cinematic 4K experience.

Ash & Barry's Short Story // The Millhouse, Slane, Ireland

Our Instagram edit

Our 'Quickie' film is edited in portrait mode and made for sharing on any apps like Instagram, TikTok and Whatsapp. 

This beautifully packaged, yet playful edit brings together the best of an incredible day, 60+ seconds of unadulterated fun, laughs and feels.

Share it and share some more...

It's available as an add-on or as part of our 'Double' Collection.

Maser and Dee's 'Quickie' // Ballybeg House, Co. Wicklow, Ireland

We absolutely love our wedding videos from Edithouse. Emma captured our day perfectly! Her documentation and attention to the details of the day had us laughing and crying when we rewatched our video. We feel so fortunate to have crossed paths with Emma. We could not imagine choosing anyone else!

- Kealy & Jack

How we film

We'll capture the natural flow of your celebration while you are enjoying the time of your lives.

How many times in your life will you be in the one place with the people closest to you? How amazing would it be to look back on this day and see things you missed and the ones didn't even know had taken place.

We won't just focus on the two of you, we'll be there to capture the best moments from friends and family celebrating - these are the ones you'll want to re-live again.

Blending in, not directing

We'll blend right in meaning we can capture the true essence of this wonderful occasion. When people are unaware of the camera and filmed naturally they will always look their best.

A happy couple enjoying their day with family and friends always makes an amazing wedding day.

Our films are distinctively FUN

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Sue + Emma