Bride cheering to her friends at Ashley Park House

Modern immersive wedding videography

Wedding Films you will watch, share and love over and over again

Married couple smiling at each other on their Wedding day
Married couple smiling at each other on their Wedding day

Don't just watch it back, Relive it

You want an incredible film that will capture that rarest of occasions - that time when you were all together for a few precious hours, in one place.

Afterwards you'll want to relive it all, minute by minute.
The fun, the tears, the smiles and everything in between.

But - you want to enjoy your wedding day, with minimal fuss.

To just be yourselves, and not worry about another wedding videographer.

We get it.

Our Short Story

Our signature Short Story film is a thrilling ride that strings together the laughter, the cheers, and the tender moments that made your day uniquely yours. An unforgettable shareable snapshot of your celebration.

Our 'Short Story' is the epitome of joy, vibrancy, and love.

Play Video
Play Video

Our Creative Film

All of our weddings come with a 15-minute cinematic journey that not only revisits, but relives your special day. Our Creative Film is a story-driven narrative that weaves together the most poignant moments, showcasing the unique tapestry of your love story.

This film is more than just a retelling; it's an authentic re-experience.

We're redefining wedding films

Our Films keep you hooked, make you feel and leave you smiling. 

Our wedding films are fun, upbeat and always edited to a banging playlist you will want to put on repeat and share with your friends.

Our signature Short Story and Instagram Reel Quickies are unique rollercoaster retellings of your day. We guarantee, you'll be riveted by these magnetic visuals from start to finish.

We'll capture it all, and then some more.

We know you'll want plenty of incredible footage of your friends and family. This is what you will look back on for years to come.

Our wedding videographer won't just focus on the two of you, we'll preserve the interactions you don't see, the ones you thought you had missed and the moments you didn't even know had happened.

I would recommend Edithouse in a heartbeat. Emma blended seamlessly into the background, capturing all the special moments.

We absolutely adored the final result of the long and short videos and will cherish them for years to come.

- Elizabeth McEvoy

Flower girls sucking lollipops at a wedding

Who books us?

We're booked by Couples who want loads of gorgeous footage of their family and friends.

Equally as important - our Couples want to be able to enjoy the moment without feeling like they are being filmed or directed.

Subtlety is our calling card.

We'll focus on the filming while you take it all in. It's a delicate balance, ensuring incredibly fun and engaging videos which bring together the emotion and genuine significance of your wedding day.

What you waiting for?

Like all good marriages we need to know - are you right for us and are we right for you?

Talk to Emma about a wedding videography package that fits your plan.

Sue + Emma