We'd love to be part of your magical day

But first things first!

Like all good marriages we need to know -
are you right for us, and are we right for you?

How we film

Our style is documentary

This is your wedding day, not a filmset. We'll capture the natural flow of your celebration while you are enjoying the time of your lives.

How many times in your life will you be in the one place with the people closest to you? How amazing would it be to look back on this day and see things you didn't even know had taken place.

We won't just focus on the two of you, we'll be there to capture the moments you don't see and the ones you'll want to re-live again. Wouldn't that be magic.

Blending in, not directing

We'll blend right in, your guests will totally relax in our presence, meaning we can capture the true essence of this wonderful occasion. When people are unaware of the camera and filmed naturally they will always look their best.

A happy couple enjoying their day with family and friends equals an amazing wedding day. Simples.

Our Coverage

Our Collections start from €2,895

Every couple has different ideas for their wedding celebration. We have different levels of coverage available.

Our pricing is dependant on a few factors including location, dates, and the level of coverage you are looking for. Our day can start with you from early morning, continuing right through to the best moves on the dance floor. It's up to you.

Also popular

First Look
Unique perspective on those first few moments together.

Drone footage
Literally taking your film to the next level!

Instagram video
The best bits of your day edited to a licensed track, uploaded to any platform you wish.

Extra filmmaker
Complete coverage, every angle covered and beautifully shot.

Are we free on your date?

Our Collections start from €2,795

Send on your wedding day details below.

We'll let you know if we are free and send on more detailed package info.